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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone Sundered Splitpaw: Splitpaw Den more
How to Start When you earn the Splitpaw Gnolls trust, completing A Darkened Shard, Part 2, you receive this quest automatically.
part of: Splitpaw Saga Timeline
Preceded by:
A Darkened Shard, Part 2
Followed by:

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Notes Edit

  • This access quest is part of the Splitpaw Timeline. This is the ending of the initial access quest for the Splitpaw adventure pack.
  • This quest scales with the player's level up to lvl 60 (mobs' max level is therefore 50).


  1. Zone into Sundered Splitpaw: Anvilpaw's Grotto.
  2. Split into 2 groups, one goes left the other right.
  • For a detailed walk-through click Here.
  1. Head through the zone and solve the various riddles as you go. Don't let one group get to far ahead of another, try to stay so one group solves a riddle then waits for the other to solve the riddle.
  2. Eventualy the two groups will rejoin each other in a large chamber.
  3. Clear the chamber and after 10 or so waves of x2 groups the named, Anvilpaw, will spawn in his own mini chamber
  4. To defeat Anvilpaw, there are 4 idols in this large chamber, one person needs to be next to each. Throughout the fight, the mob will emote about drawing power from the idols. At this time the 4 people manning the idols need to click the idol and shut it off.
  • It is possible to defeat Anvilpaw without deactivating the idols.
  • Zone can be duo'd/boxed at 85+ easily.

Reward Edit

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