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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Splitpaw Den
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes more
How to Start Examine a slightly glowing shard and it will merge with your a darkened shard, starting part 2
part of: Splitpaw Saga Timeline
Preceded by:
A Darkened Shard
Followed by:
A Darkened Shard, Part 3
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Notes Edit

  • This access quest is part of the Splitpaw Timeline. This is a continuation of the initial access quest for the Splitpaw adventure pack.
  • This quest scales with the player's level up to lvl 60 (mobs max level is therefore 50).
  • There is no need to complete the following, third quest of this series (A Darkened Shard, Part 3) to gain direct access to the Splitpaw Den.

Steps Edit

  1. Go to the Gnoll Cave in the Skindancer area of The Thundering Steppes ( 171, 5, 1053 ) /waypoint 170.58, 4.89, 1053.22. You are allowed entrance into Sundered Splitpaw: Upper Tunnels.
  2. Make your way down to the Splitpaw Den entrance (it is called Lower Tunnels when you examine the zone entrance). See the zone description for Upper Tunnels for details about the route.
  3. You must now gain favor with the gnolls. Once inside Splitpaw Den, you will find several gnolls that offer quests to you in the side rooms off of the center room (the one you enter first). You will gain favor by completing any three of the following five quests:
  4. When you have done three of these quests, you automatically receive a a glowing azure shard as a quest update. This allows you to teleport to the Splitpaw Den from any place in the world. You also gain a few other rewards (see below).

Rewards Edit

  • a glowing azure shard - allows you to teleport to the Splitpaw Den once per hour
  • You may now purchase your class's Splitpaw spell from Gumgullet in Splitpaw Den.
  • You may now take the "Anvilpaw" raid instance in the Splitpaw Den.

See Also Edit

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