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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Bonemire  (AA)
Journal Level 67 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Bonemire more
How to Start Speak to Elly Nerwick in the Drednever Expedition Camp
part of: Bonemire Timeline
Preceded by:
A Poisoned Gingus
Followed by:
Drukin Tellfizz, Stuck Gnome

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  1. Find Gingus ( 285, 50, 574 ) /waypoint 285, 50, 574.
  2. Hail Gingus and he will standup.
  3. Lead Gingus back to the crashsite and to Elly Nerwick. He moves slow (after all, he almost died!) and will stop moving if you get too far from him.
    NOTE: There is no need to attack anything; you can use invisibility all the way back. Nothing attacks him; just you. If you cannot use invisibility spells or totems, don't use any AOE, as this will cause Gingus to aggro.
  4. Hail Elly Nerwick for your reward.

Rewards Edit

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