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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Moors of Ykesha more
How to Start Speak to Snafu Fizzbrip ( 1753, 472, 911 ) /waypoint 1753, 472, 911 in Moors of Ykesha

What does this information mean?


A tinkered hoverclank

Tinkered Hoverclank - this is an automated flying mount that takes you to/from the location of the first clockwork you must collect for Snafu.

  • The NPC to start this is way up on top of a ramp, not far off the platform when you exit the Skystrider to travel to the Moors from Sinking Sands. The bottom of the ramp to climb up to him is at ( 1727, 453, 943 ) /waypoint 1727, 453, 943.
  • Low-level players and players without a flying mount can use the Tinkered Hoverclank on the Skystrider dirigible (balloon) docks in Sinking Sands to fly to/from the first clockwork location.


  1. Search the The Sinking Sands for the other egg-seeking clockwork by traveling back to the Skystrider Launch-Dock in SS. Locate and click on the Tinkered Hoverclank at ( -1449, -162, -764 ) /waypoint -1449, -162, -764 . You will fly to a high, rocky ledge on an island in Sinking Sands.
  2. Locate the clockwork at one of the following locations: ( -2192, -164, 425 ) /waypoint -2192, -164, 425, ( -2186, -164, 392 ) /waypoint -2186, -164, 392 or ( -2257, -163, 396 ) /waypoint -2257, -163, 396 on the ledge. Click on it to "Recover" it.
    Recover Clockwork

    Recover Clockwork

    • Recovering Clockwork must be done individually by each group member, and clockwork varies on how soon it respawns.
  3. Defeat 8 bleachbone sirens. These were not aggro when you landed but will now attack when you get close to them.
  4. Fly back to Skystrider Launch-Dock on the Tinkered Hoverclank.
  5. Return to Snafu Fizzbrip in the Moors of Ykesha.
  6. Speak with Hansel Zalben in Gnomeland Security Headquarters (There's a portal to get back to Gnomeland at ( 1781, 453, 838 ) /waypoint 1781, 453, 838, near the celebrating Gnomes). She's inside a building at ( -632, 174, 1099 ) /waypoint -632, 174, 1099.
  7. Return to Snafu in the Moors again. When you hail him, he will tell you to go to Timorous Deep.
  8. Collect the clockworks fishing not far from the Mok Rent station in Timorous Deep, south-west of the bridge at ( 2102, 10, -183 ) /waypoint 2102, 10, -183. They are down on the rocky outcrops above the river, not within it.
  9. Defeat 8 Yha-lei attackers. These were not aggro when you arrived but will now attack when you get close to them.
  10. Return to Snafu in the Moors to complete the quest.


Icon gears red (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only accessable in-game during the annual Tinkerfest festivities that occur roughly from the end of July to early August.

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