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EverQuest II Item Information
Type: House Item Subtype: House Pet
A Burynai Digger
This hungry little guy looks like he'll eat all sorts of stuff even plant food! See what happens when he's fed! Give him one of each fertilizer to feed him
Obtain: Claimable item for players who pre-ordered the Rise of Kunark.

\aITEM 1272493447 -1885930889:a Burynai Digger\/a \aITEM 1272493447 -1885930889:a Burynai Digger\/a
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Carnivorous Plant Ingredients

Examples of each looted ingredient type that you can give to the burynai house pets.

  • When you claim this item, you will get to choose one of the varieties below.
  • The burynai digger was 1 per account (not one per character) for those who pre-ordered the Rise of Kunark expansion.

Unlike most other house pets, this one will give you something useful in exchange for "junk" loot: a "shiny" item to add to your collections. The burynai will accept the same tasty things you give to the Carnivorous Plant, but the process to get an item in exchange is much easier.

Once you have three ingredients from each category in the table below, simply right click on the burynai and choose the "feed" option from the interactive menu.
  • The burynai must be placed in a house or a guild hall in order to interact with it.
  • The ingredients can be in your bags, bank, or house vault.
  • The collection item received is RANDOM; the level/tier of ingredients you give it does not matter.
  • Because the Carnivorous Plant was introduced to EQ2 first, items accepted by the burynai mention plant food in the examine window. For example, flask of enchanted water ends with the statement, "This would make good plant water". Depending on the level and ingredient, the quality may be described as great instead.
  • If you do not have one of each item from ingredients below, you will not see the "feed" option on the interactive list.
The required ingredient categories are: fertilizer, water, and bone.
Burynai ingredients by Tier
Level Fertilizer Water Bone
10 pouch of peat flask of rancid water small decaying bone
20 small bag of ammonium sulfate‎ flask of stale water large decaying bone
30 small bag of muriate of potash flask of pond water small polished bone
40 small bag of diatomaceous earth flask of fresh water large polished bone
50 small bag of ammonium nitrate flask of pure water small meaty bone
60 This Tier had reported bugs that may or may not be fixed.
Mobs in this Tier may drop T5 or T7 ingredients instead.
70 small bag of compost flask of enchanted water large meaty bone
80 bag of tundra compost flask of glacial water large frostbitten bone
110 bag of gypsum flask of deep water

Note: Higher tiers (level 80, shown above) of fertilizer, water, and bones may only be used with a herbalist hireling (a guild hall amenity) in Guild Halls.

Burynai Appearance ChoicesEdit

3 available models
seeker \aITEM -980238973 1030646100:a burynai seeker\/a \aITEM -980238973 1030646100:a burynai seeker\/a
robed \aITEM -216362014 -1981839364:a robed burynai seeker\/a \aITEM -216362014 -1981839364:a robed burynai seeker\/a
armored \aITEM -765402139 928367229:an armored burynai seeker\/a \aITEM -765402139 928367229:an armored burynai seeker\/a


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