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EverQuest II Item Information
Type: House Item Subtype: Book
A Book of Gnollish Orders
This item can be placed in your house or guild hall.
Obtain: Reward from the quest A Lack of Information

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Book Text

A Book of Gnollish Orders
Style: Large Light Brown Book
Pages: 7
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Rockpaw Operations

Of note:

The Haggletons have offered their services. It is important to realize that, though they share our hatred of Qeynos, they are not by any stretch our allies. they come from Freeport. As such we can safely assume that help provided to us is given because they know our goals and theirs coincide. Treat the Haggletons with respect, but do not share with them any information they do not need to know.

External Preparation

Our initial stages involve testing some of the Haggleton's prototype designs. This will occur in the areas surrounding Qeynos itself. There are significant dangers involved in this operation, as such it is meant to last only a short while. Though our presence is almost certainly going to be detected, it may provide enough confusion to draw suspicions elsewhere for at least a short while.

Internal Preparation

Within the Caves we will begin with two tasks.

First: As directed by the Haggletons we will find appropriate areas for digging. Expediency in this is a top priority. Once Fulkoir has finished his machines we must get started digging as soon as we can.

Second: We have an honored guest among us: Slampaw of Blackburrow has set up a forge. From here he will outfit our warriors with weapons worthy of an invasion.

Final Plans

Our specific final plans will be distributed as the day of attack nears. Until then learn from our forward agents of Qeynos' defenses. Our initial injection points will place us in the Forest Ruins, the Oakmyst Forest, and the Elddar Grove. From there our initial intent is to stay hidden while we harass the Qeynos Guard and study response times.

Final Plans

Once our Lieutenants have confidence in our intelligence we will attack simultaneously from our three initial bases. After an amount of time to later be determined our fourth injection point-within Northern Qeynos-will be opened and the bulk of our forces will pour through.


Post-attack contingencies will be distributed along with the specific plans. Until that time, standard contingency plans are in effect.

By the might of the Paws, the Caves shall spill forth a legion of gnolls directly into the belly of Qeynos herself.
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