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EverQuest II Player Housing Information
Introduced Shattered Lands
City Freeport
Zone North Freeport
Location ( -143, -36, -157 ) /waypoint -143.20, -35.98, -157.47 Eq2map
Cost 1p 93g 62s
Upkeep 7g 74s 48c
Rooms 3
Vault Slots 6

What does this information mean?

This residence's floorplan is a three room house, version 3 (Freeport). This is exactly the same as a three room house, version 1 (Freeport), except that the front door in the main room is on the opposite wall.


  • Large front room with vaulted ceiling and exposed beams.
    • The beams can be floored (using carpets) to create a loft.
  • Spacious bedroom to the rear.
  • Upstairs open-air patio.

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