Ghassan the Trader Questline編集

Ghassan the Trader編集

  1. Hides for Ghassan
  2. Spice Delivery !Opens up Numair
  3. Venomous Venture
  4. Questionable Merchandise
  5. A Delicate Matter !Opens up Aliyyah the Embalmer
  6. Another Employer !Opens up Rashad
  7. Scorpion Scrounging


  1. Cooking Crocodiles
  2. Diggers for Dinner
  3. A Terrible Crime
  4. Scarabs and Spiders

Aliyyah the Embalmer編集

  1. Unravelling the Mummies
  2. Grisly Gathering
  3. More Mummies
  4. Osseous Investigations
  5. Undead Investigations
  6. Sul'Dal Studies


  1. 探索開始(The Search Begins)
  2. 孤立した地下堂(The Lonely Crypt)
  3. The Final Piece !

Opens up Ortallian Camp Questline

Swiftrider Mercenaries編集

Sergeant Tuskin編集

  1. 偵察と毒針(Scouting and Stingers)
  2. サンドスクロウラーの件(Sandscrawler Studies)
  3. 採掘場のもめごと(The Prophet Problem)
  4. Quarry Quibbles !Open up Ortallian Camp Questline

Ortallian Camp編集

either opend up by Finshing the Swiftriders, or Ghassan the Trader quest lines

Disciple Shula編集

  1. 皮には皮を(Hide for a Hide)
  2. 怒りに駆られて(Amongst the Mad)
  3. Grueling Times
  4. Of An Order
  5. Skills of the Char'Gin !Opens up Siraj al Din

Siraj al Din編集

  1. In the Pick of Time
  2. Divine Retribution
  3. Drowned Treasure
  4. Into the Past !Reward is Amulet of the Sword of Ro

The Peacock Club Questline編集

A Damsel in Distress My Service for an Idol Trap Snapping The Bones in the Box The Tale of Dalgin B'Dynn Welcome to the Peacock Club A Thief in the House of Blades A Thief in the House of Coin A Thief in the House of Truth Down to the Last Peacock Secrets of a Used Skull A Final Note Delving into Darkness I Seek Knowledge Auxillary Service A Frightful Feast Finding My Way Tracing the Map Undead Censership The Secrets of Im'Sekt The Secret of Du'Mutef The Secret of Qey'Nuf The Secret of Hak'Pyz From Hands of Stone The Seal of the Sea Confirming the Right Track An Offering and Peace Time for a Garden Party Wrapping it all Up Rewards Staff of Second Life Dark Fury Halberd of Anuk Greatstaff of Anuk Righteous Hammer of the Godking Dark Fury Sabre of Anuk

The Ashen Order Questline編集

(completly soloable) Sandscrawler Debacles Of Scribes and Sentries Fallen From Beauty

*For Freeport編集

Disciples Edicts (tell Kindly) (10-15) Proving Grounds (tell Warmly)(20)

*For Qeynos編集

Service to the Order (tell Kindly)(10-15) Trials of Ash (tell Warmly)(20) Strange Deliveries Diplomatic Liaisons

*For Freeport編集

  1. Kufu's Intentions
  2. Elite Training !You get the Title "The Ebon Dragon"

*For Qeynos編集

  1. A Split in the Ashen Order
  2. Learning the Way !You get the Title "The Jade Tiger"

The Courts of Maj'Dul: Of Fate and Destiny編集

You may do the first 3 parts in any order.

The Court of the Blades編集

Dukaris, Hero of the People Court of Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part I Court of Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part II Court of Blades: Dukarem's Purge, Part III

The Court of Truth編集

Court of Truth: In the Name of Love Court of Truth: Ishara's Search Court of Truth: Sphinx Hunt Court of Truth: The Terrorgore Court of Truth: Brush with Celebrity Court of Truth: Confrontation

The Court of the Coin編集

Court of the Coin: Maimun's Gifts Court of the Coin: Running the Business Court of the Coin : Setting the House in Order Court of the Coin: Imminent Danger

To Countiune from this point you also need to have finshed Shimmering Citadel : Poets Palace : The First Mirror and Welcome to the Peacock Club Of Fate or Destiny Reward Ring of Fate