build your "AA" or "Prestige" effect table!
max 5 8 10 Instructions
tops {{AAEffectsTop5}} {{AAEffectsTop8}} {{AAEffectsTop10}} insert as many effectlines as needed. there is also an 2 and 3 version in the system, just not included here because of size
lines {{AAEffectsLine5|text_here|r1|r2|r3|r4|r5}} {{AAEffectsLine8|text_here|r1|r2|r3|r4|r5|r6|r7|r8}} {{AAEffectsLine10|text_here|r1|r2|r3|r4|r5|r6|r7|r8|r9|r10}}
bottom {{AAEffectsBottom}}

if you are converting an old AA, here are buttons to insert subst codes for blank templates.

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visuals placed house item: {{ss-h}} 路 worn weapon/armor: {{ss-a}}
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