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*At least {{Coin|||2|91}}
*At least {{Coin|||2|91}}
*One of the following, based on Class:
*One of the following, based on Class:
**{{Equip|Balanced Tulwar}} (Crusaders, Warriors)
::'''All Priests'''
**{{Equip|Cestus of the Veracious Predator}} (Brawlers, Beastlords)
:::*{{Equip|Flail of the Steppes}}
**{{Equip|Flail of the Steppes}} (All Priests)
:::*{{Equip|Thunderous Buckler}}
**{{Equip|Nightfall Katana}} (Bards, Predators, Rogues)
:::*{{Equip|Thunderous Effigy}}
**{{Equip|Stave of Tyranny}} (Brawlers)
::'''All Mages'''
**{{Equip|Thunderous Buckler}} (All Priests)
:::*{{Equip|Thunderous Orb}}
**{{Equip|Thunderous Effigy}} (All Priests)
:::*{{Equip|Wandering Magi's Walking Stick}}
**{{Equip|Thunderous Orb}} (All Mages)
::'''All Scouts'''
**{{Equip|Thunderous Round Shield}} (All Scouts)
:::*{{Equip|Thunderous Round Shield}}
**{{Equip|Thunderous Tower Shield}} (Crusaders, Warriors)
:::*{{Equip|Nightfall Katana}}
**{{Equip|Wandering Magi's Walking Stick}} (All Mages)
::'''Brawlers, Beastlords'''
:::*{{Equip|Cestus of the Veracious Predator}}
:::*{{Equip|Stave of Tyranny}}
::'''Crusaders, Warriors'''
:::*{{Equip|Balanced Tulwar}}
:::*{{Equip|Thunderous Tower Shield}}

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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Thundering Steppes
Journal Level 23 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Thundering Steppes more
How to Start Speak with Waylon March under a tree outside Qeynos Tower 3 at ( -250, -1, 58 ) /waypoint -250, -1, 58
part of: Thundering Steppes Timeline
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Followed by:
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What does this information mean?

This is a limited repeatable quest which can be repeated 3 times (no achievement)


  1. Kill 6 centaurs in The Thundering Steppes
  2. Return to Waylon


  • At least 2s 91c
  • One of the following, based on Class:
All Priests
All Mages
All Scouts
Brawlers, Beastlords
Crusaders, Warriors
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