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Below is an example template for creating a Timeline Sidebar. You may duplicate the TSSubhead and TSLine lines as needed, and should remove any you don't. Please do not add any style or other formatting tags beyond what is displayed in this example, as this form uses CSS to control the formatting.

Clicking on the following links will take you to that template's page, where there is more verbose help:

  • TSTop - Starts the sidebar. Be sure to edit the timeline_name, but NOT the width!
  • TSSubhead - Use this line with level=| for major divisions such as a new zone or area, or with level=2| for minor subdivisions such as an NPC name. Repeat this line as needed.
  • TSLine - Most of the lines will be this. First parameter is the line number or a letter for a sub-quest. Second is the quest link. If break=y|, a line will be drawn under the quest name as a separator. Repeat this line as needed.
  • TSFoot - Be sure to edit timeline_name, but DO NOT EDIT THE CATEGORY ON THIS LINE!
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timeline_name Timeline [edit]
A major division, such as a new area
A subdivision, such as a new NPC to go to
1. first_quest
2. second_quest
3. third_quest_with_subdivider
4. fourth_quest
a. first_subquest_of_fourth_quest
b. second_subquest_of_fourth_quest
A subdivision, such as a new NPC to go to
5. fifth_quest

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