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Adornments are items that can be added to your worn equipment to add some sort of effect to them. By adding adornments to your equipment, you can increase the stats that your equipment bestows on you, or even gain new effects that you didn't have before. For example, adornments can add or enhance a skill or stat (+10 STR), or enhance a spell (+4 to all heals). Different effects are restricted to different equipment slots or weapon types. Each type of adornment can be made in several tiers of quality, each with different minimum level requirements.

When You Adorn SomethingBearbeiten

Once you've obtained an adornment, you must attach it to a piece of equipment. In doing so, the adornment is expended, and cannot be recovered. The equipment gains the "Ornate" tag, which means it cannot be traded any longer, even if it was tradeable previously. You can't recover an adornment after it has been applied, but you can replace it with a new adornment. Each item can only hold one adornment at a time.

Obtaining AdornmentsBearbeiten

Adornments are only created by player crafters; currently there is no source of pre-made adornments in the world of Norrath. In order to make an adornment, the crafter needs components that are made from the Transmuting process. Transmuting breaks down valuable items (Treasured, Legendary, Mastercrafted, and Fabled items) into components. Generally, adornments are readily available on the Broker to be purchased from other players. The Broker window's Advanced Search includes an option to search specifically for adornments.

Adornments were introduced with the Echoes of Faydwer expansion. They can made either by the nine original tradeskill classes or by the two secondary skill classes Transmuter and Tinkerer. Each class has its own set of Adornments it can craft.

In order to make an adornment, the crafter needs subcomponents made from the Transmuting process. Adornments come in three quality tiers:

  • Treasured = made from Powder and Fragments
  • Legendary = made from Infusion, Powder, and Fragments
  • Fabled = made from Mana, Infusion, Powder, and Fragments

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