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Status points are a kind of currency that you can earn in various ways, and they can be used to purchase 'special' items that would otherwise be unavailable to you. If you visit a merchant and some of the price of the item is displayed in light blue, then you will need to use status points to pay that cost.

You can earn status points in a number of ways, as indicated below, and these will be visible in your Persona menu, alongside your normal adventure stats. If you're a guild member then a bonus of 10% of any status you earn also gets credited to the guild, which in turn enables the guild to level up and gain access to particular equipment, quests etc. Note that although your personal status will reduce when you spend it, your contribution to your guild 'score' is not affected.

Typical items requiring Status to purchaseBearbeiten

  • Mounts
  • Housing and upkeep
  • Items from City Merchants (Such as crafting stations, titles and rare artwork)
  • Items from Faction Merchants (eg tradeskill instances)

Note that some of these items also require that you are a member of a guild of a minimum level. Some items are available in two versions; one with a pure coin cost and one with a mixed coin/status cost.


2 room apartment in Irontoes East (North Qeynos)

  • Normal version: ~~24g to buy / ~1g/week in rent.
  • Status version: 14g 22,000 Status to buy and ~60s 3,000 Status/week in rent.

This weekly status cost can also be reduced further if you buy particular furniture, and house items such as pets (shown as 'status reduction' in their description).

Some ways to earn Status PointsBearbeiten

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