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This list of solo instances is divided into several categories. (recommended level is listed in brackets)

Solo/Duo Instanzen Bearbeiten


Diese Instanzen benötigen die Abenteuer- oder Expansionpacks.

Solo/Herosiche Instanzen Bearbeiten

The following instances are mostly smaller and lower-quality than the instances listed above. (Sullon Mines is an exception; it is large and very worthwhile.)

Each time you enter, you get to choose between the solo version or the heroic version. Any size of group can enter either version. Each time the instance is used, the entrance disappears, then reappears a few minutes later somewhere in the same area. There is no lockout timer.

Monsters do not respawn in any of these instances. The named bosses are very rare in the solo versions (probably 1 in 5 chance), but are much more common in the heroic versions. Otherwise, the mob layouts are identical in the heroic and solo versions.

(quality of these instances is rated out of 4 stars)

Dungeons with Solo Content Bearbeiten

The following shared dungeons have noteworthy sections set aside for solo content. Descriptions of their solo areas will be added soon.

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Solo Questreihe

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