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Levels 40-55 and 77-80
Eingeführt mit Zerschmetterte Lande
Zonenart Offen
Angrenzend an Wald von Nektulos
Dungeons Soluseks Auge
Questreihen Lavasturm Questreihe
Sammeln Tier 5
Quests NPCs Monster Named
Gegenstände Instanzen POIs Discos

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Lavastorm is a land of unrelenting volcanic activity. One look upon this island and one can clearly see it is a hellish environment that a weary soul could never hope to survive in. The heat in the air of Lavastorm is nearly unbearable, and the torrid coastal waters boil menacingly. Ash and magma billow from unpredictable vents, spewing darkness and fear from the very depths of the earth. For anything to survive in this harsh environment is astonishing, which speaks of the potential threat and power of Lavastorm's indigenous creatures.

Lore Bearbeiten

This violent island was scene to great magical battles, so they say. It is said that this was the site of a great battle between drakota and fire giants. The drakota, as it is told, sought entrance to Nagafen's lair to destroy him. It was on these magmatic steppes that a legendary dark elf sorceress known as Najena made a pact with Nagafen and the fire giants. She employed the help of the titanic elven golem, Magolemus, to help repel the drakota from Lavastorm.

The horns of battle are silent now, but the remnants of this conflict and citadels lost to the ages hide somewhere within the dark clefts of this brutal territory.

- from Professor Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath: Part 2

Geography Bearbeiten

Professor Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath Part 2 02

The Shrine of Thunder

Professor Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath Part 2 03

Mount Solusek

Professor Cogglesworth's Tour of Norrath Part 2 04

Temple of Solusek Ro (interior)

The island of Lavastorm is comprised of a series of small volcanoes surrounding the greatest volcano on the face of Norrath; Mount Solusek. The land is like a great spiral staircase leading to Mount Solusek at its core. Steep volcanic mountains and sweltering rivers of lava form a natural barrier to the steppes of this spiraling staircase.

Travel Bearbeiten

Mount stations Bearbeiten

A harnessed lava spirit can take you from any station in each circuit to any other station within the same circuit. You do not need to have visited a mount station before to use the spirits.

Teleportation disks Bearbeiten

Teleportation disks at the following locations must be stepped on first to unlock them. Once unlocked, they are a faster means of travel than the lava spirits.

  • Shrine of Thunder (The building on the docks) ( -125, -114, 635 ) /waypoint -125, -114, 635 Eq2map.gif
  • Temple of Solusek Ro (Between stepping stones and temple entrance) ( -333, 2, -487 ) /waypoint -333, 2, -487 Eq2map.gif
  • Solusek's Valley (other side of the temple) ( -171, 0, -595 ) /waypoint -171, 0, -595 Eq2map.gif
  • Solusek's Eye ( -327, 85, -186 ) /waypoint -327, 85, -186 Eq2map.gif

Map Bearbeiten

Map lavastorm

Dungeons Bearbeiten

Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Soluseks Auge 45-52 Group Shared Dungeon 2 hours
Maiden's Gulch 45-50 Group Instance 15 min
Vault of Flames 45-50 Group Instance 15 min
The Deep Forge 50-80 (scales) Group Instance 90 min
Najena's Hollow Tower 50-80 (scales) Group Instance 90 min

Raids Bearbeiten

Raid Name Level Range Target Audience Typical Duration Lockout (on Success)
Commune of K'Dal 50-55 4 Groups 2 hours 5 days 20 hours
Ward of Elements 80 2 Groups 2 hours 4 days 20 hours
Munzok's Material Bastion 80 4 Groups 2 hours 4 days 20 hours

Adjacent Zones Bearbeiten

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Nektulos Forest 20-30 South (across the Cauldron Sea) via Mariner Bell at Shrine of Thunder

Revive Locations Bearbeiten

Revive Location Description
Smoldering Shore Only revive point in this zone

Quests Bearbeiten

Lavastorm has quest lines for both levels 45-55, and also for levels 77-80. See the Lavasturm Questreihe.

Similar Zones Bearbeiten

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Immerfrost 40-50 Zerschmetterte Lande
Treibsande 45-55 Desert of Flames
Moore von Ykesha 75-80 Rediscovered Lands
Jarsath-Einöden 75-80 Kunark
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