Journal Category
Quest Category according to your Questbuch. Can be a Zone Name or one of Heritage, Signature, Hallmark, Lore and Legend, Catalog, City Task, Unknown, or others. For all the currently known values, see Quests by Category
Recommended Level
From the Questbuch, recommended level to complete this quest. Scales 20 to 50 indicates the level of the quest adapts to the level of the player, with a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50.
From the Questbuch, difficulty of the final step. Valid values are Solo (default), Heroic, and Epic
Starting Zone
The zone this quest starts in and, in parentheses, the patch it was introduced in. If this quest was a part of the EQ2 Launch back in Nov. 2004, the patch will say Shattered Lands.
Starting the Quest
Brief description of how to start this quest.
Preceded by
Name of the quest that precedes this one in the Timeline. Most of the time you must complete the prior quest before you can begin this one, but this is not always true. See the Timeline for exact information. In the case of sub-quests, this field will always point back to the prior quest in the main line.
Name of the Timeline this quest belongs to, or blank
Followed by
If this quest is one of a series and is not the final quest, this is the name of the next quest in the series.
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