Item Quality and FlagsBearbeiten

The top box on the left has the Items tier and any flags below it.

More current information can also be found at Template:EquipInformation/doc


The icat field is the item quality.

Valid values:

  • COMMON (or blank)

Case does not matter, will get turned into all uppercase by the template


flags are any one or more of the following:

  • ATTUNEABLE - Must be Attuned to use, after which it is the same as NO-TRADE
  • LORE - You cannot possess more than one, and cannot mail it, nor deposit it in a shared or guild bank
  • NO-RENT - This item will vanish when you camp, exit or are LD for more than 10 minutes
  • NO-VALUE - Cannot be sold to merchants
  • NO-TRADE - Cannot be sold, given or mailed to another player or character
  • NO-ZONE - This item will vanish of you camp, exit, go LD for more than 10 minutes, or leave your current zone
  • ORNATE - You may not add any Adornments to this item (New flag with LU32)


Slot Bearbeiten

Slot for weapons is where you equip it, not how you hold it.

All non-ranged weapons should have a slot = Primary.

The only exceptions to this is the few Off Hand Weapon(s), in the game, they need slot = Secondary


The wtype field, or Weapon Type, is set to one of these for weapons

  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Dagger
  • Fists
  • Great Axe
  • Great Hammer
  • Great Spear
  • Great Sword
  • Hammer
  • Mace
  • Magic Affinity
  • Rapier
  • Spear
  • Staff
  • Sword
  • Thrown Weapon

dtype Bearbeiten

The dtype field is made from 2 different pieces of info, the Wield Style and Damage type.

Note: This text is case sensitive, please make sure to match all upper and lower case letters exactly

Wield StyleBearbeiten

  • One-Handed - Primary Weapon Slot only
  • Two-Handed - Primary Weapon Slot, Secondary Weapon Slot unusable
  • Main Hand - Primary Weapon Slot only, rarely used, mostly for epics
  • Off Hand - Secondary Weapon Slot only, even more rare

Damage Type Bearbeiten

  • Piercing - Daggers, Rapiers and Spears
  • Crushing - Staffs, Maces, Hammers, Great Hammers and Large Rocks
  • Slashing - Swords, Axes, Great Swords, Great Axes and Polearms

Ranged Weapons Bearbeiten

Both types of Ranged weapons need some extra info, delay and range


 range = 2 - 35|
 delay = 6.0|


For bows, set

  • wtype = Bow
  • slot = Ranged
  • dtype = (leave it blank/empty)

Thrown WeaponsBearbeiten

For throwing weapons, set

  • wtype = Thrown Weapon (please note, this is Thrown, not Throwing)
  • slot = Ranged
  • dtype = (leave it blank/empty)


For armor, both shield and non-shield, the dtype field is reused in a way to describe the armor

Body Armor Bearbeiten

For non-shield armor, dtype tells what what the armor is made of.

One of:

  • Cloth Armor
  • Leather Armor
  • Chain Armor
  • Plate Armor

Shield Bearbeiten

For shields, set slot = Shield, and use dtype for the type of shield.

One of:

  • Buckler
  • Round Shield
  • Kite Shield
  • Tower Shield

The RestBearbeiten

  • Link: Optionally, this will display a link you can cut and paste in-game to examine an item. This is exactly the same as clicking on an item someone linked to you.
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