EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Questbuch Kategorie Jarsath-Einöden  (AA)
Questbuch Level 80 (Tier 9)
Schwierigkeit Solo
Startzone Jarsath-Einöden (Rise of Kunark)
Beginnen der Quest Speak to Schamane Medikus at ( -2475, -306, 640 ) /waypoint -2475, -306, 640 near The Temple of the Red Lord
Vorangehende Quest:
Mein geliebtes Buch
Jarsath-Einöden Questreihe
Nachfolgende Quest:

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This Quest can be very annoying, before you grab the Spirit bear make sure no one else near tries to grab him too. If you grab the bear and someone else starts the quest or tries to grab the bear you will lose yours, even if they are not grouped with you. If you fail it hail Schamane Medikus again to repop the projection.

  1. Use the Medicus spirtual leash on the Shaman Medicus' spiritual projection (pops next to him in the tent) and lead the bear to Skyfire Mountain ( -893, 188, 344 ) /waypoint -893, 188, 344. There are TWO possible ways to get there:
    • The Hard Way - Invis the way and avoid the Droags on the way. If you get hit by a AoE the projection dies and you have to get it again.
    • The Easy Way - Use a Sokokar and fly to Skyfire Mountain walk a litte down the ramp toward the entrance to the Skyfire Mountains.
  2. Speak with Lord Sheckt at the Skleross Encampment ( -796, -23, -1188 ) /waypoint -796, -23, -1188.