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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Questbuch Kategorie Erbe  (AA)
Questbuch Level 40 (Tier 5)
Schwierigkeit Heroisch
Startzone Zek, die orkischen Öden (Zerschmetterte Lande)
Beginnen der Quest Talk to Sashra Thaltalis in Zek ( 342, -20, -464 ) /waypoint 342, -20, -464. You must be level 32 or higher.
Vorangehende Quest:
Operation Green Hood
Grünkappen Questreihe
Nachfolgende Quest:

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If you came here from the Erbequests Questreihe and have not yet done Operation Green Hood, go to the Green Hoods Questreihe and catch up first.


  1. Find the mine lift at ( 329, 0, -114 ) /waypoint 329, 0, -114 Eq2map.gif.
  2. Return to Sashra Thaltalis.
  3. Collect 5 scalps each from Sullon centurions, Tallon raiders and Vallon grunts. You have 60 minutes to complete this step.
  4. Return to Sashra Thaltalis.
  5. Kill Sentry Goorlux. Kill the 38^^^ wandering placeholder, a Deathfist sentry, that randomly spawns during the daytime in the wilderness near ( -201, -18, -330 ) /waypoint -201, -18, -330. Both the named and the placeholder spawn between 6 and 8 minutes and moves very quickly. (which helps you spot him!) Sentry Goorlux will despawn after a while.
    • Known spawn locations of the placeholder:
      • At the tree stump on the right between the mill and the Titan Tower
      • Near the Tree stump between the brigde and Titan Tower
      • Near the mill
      • At the bottom of the Titan Tower
    • Note: Goorlux allways spawns at the same spot
  6. Return to Sashra Thaltalis.
  7. Go to Deathfist Citadel, you can enter through the sewers or the front door.
  8. Kill all the named in the courtyard, then go to the ramparts.
  9. Find Infiltrator Stryjin ( 31.49, 8.66, 59.52 ) /waypoint 31.49, 8.66, 59.52 in the SW tower, and talk to him. He wants you to rescue 3 trapped Green Hood women.
    • Note: to get to him you must drop in from above, as there is no ladder up from the courtyard in the SW tower.
  10. The women are at the following respective locations.
    • Rinis ( -9.64, 8.00, 30.51 ) /waypoint -9.64, 8.00, 30.51
    • Wensa ( -21.49, -10.00, -10.13 ) /waypoint -21.49, -10.00, -10.13
    • Shelmay ( -29.39, -10.00, 11.61 ) /waypoint -29.39, -10.00, 11.61
  11. Return to Infiltrator Stryjin.
  12. Go back towards the Deathfist Jail area, then go down another flight of steps and through some double doors, into the viewing area for the gladiatorial arena. Move around the arena until you find the doors to Fyst's private box. From here you can jump down into the arena..
  13. After everyone is in the arena, click the gong and, after being addressed by Fyst, The Harrower of Zek will spawn. He is a level 40-42 Heroic mob. He has horrible knockback - try to keep your back against the wall near the locked exit gate and the damage from this is minimised.
  14. After he dies Emperor Fyst will be on his throne at the top of the Citadel (if he is not there, make sure you have killed Chief Torturer Goortz AND High Priest Kuzbak AND Alchemist Yallessul AND the 2 named Princes). He is a level 42 heroic mob. Kill him for reward.
Note: Every named in the zone needs to be dead before Fyst will spawn.


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