EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Questbuch Kategorie Jarsath-Einöden
Questbuch Level 77 (Tier 8)
Schwierigkeit Solo
Startzone Jarsath-Einöden (Rise of Kunark)
Beginnen der Quest Speak to Kundschafter Nan'Dor ( -1702, -270, -44 ) /waypoint -1702, -270, -44.
Vorangehende Quest:
Jarsath-Einöden Questreihe
Nachfolgende Quest:
Würmer, Verschlinger und Draken. Du meine Güte!

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You are to plant 10 pieces of Armour to confuse the droags in the area.

  1. Go back across the small bridge to the encampment and a red on-screen message will appear along the way to ( -1405, 211, 168 ) /waypoint -1405, 211, 168 or ( -1573, 205, 332 ) /waypoint -1573, 205, 332 telling you to look for places to plant the armour.
  2. The locations are a glowing greenish colour (like green shinies but without the question mark). They respawn very quickly.
    • There are long aggro ranges on the mobs in the area of the second loc, so you should kill anything close before you plant the evidence (the first loc is safer). The skyfire drakes are the wanderers, so best kill those at least.
  3. Return to Kundschafter Nan'Dor